Bed Bug Extermination Service offered by Accuracy Plus in Los Angeles

Bed Bug Extermination Service offered by Accuracy Plus in Los Angeles

Bed Bug Extermination Service offered by Accuracy Plus in Los Angeles

Accuracy Plus is here to help homeowners against this  sneaky intruders, bed bugs in your home. If you notice any evidence of bed bugs activity a expert inspector from Accuracy Plus will come and inspect your home.

An expert technician from Accuracy plus can pinpoint the presence of bed bugs and inspect the entire home including the bed, furniture, rugs, and windows, books and every nooks in the house. He will thoroughly inspect the target areas. If he finds a strong evidence he will use special tools to check cracks and crevices.

With over 20 years of experience in bed bug  treatments  our pest exterminators are skilled and ready to help you with any bed bug related roblems in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of services at any location including residential, commercial, industrial and even food service facilities. We can provide you with an excellent  services that won’t cost you as much time or money.

Integrated Pest Management

Most pest management professionals practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which includes a combination of treatment methods such as steam heat, freezing and pesticides, which are selected and applied carefully according to factors that are present with the infestation.

IPM programs requires to seal cracks and crevices which are the best hiding place for bed bugs. They also suggest modifying windows and doors to prevent pests from entering. Professional exterminators take cautioned steps to ensure safety of occupants and effectiveness of the pesticides in controlling these pests.

A bed bug technician from Accuracy Plus is  knowledgeable and educates the residents when the process of the treatment is severe, helping to determine how the bed bug attacks happen and steps that can be taken to avoid a re-infestation after the treatment has been completed.

What happens during the Inspection

An exterminator from Accuracy Plus comes to do a treatment preparation, bringing pesticides, monitors, professional steam machines and vacuums to use his treatment. He will perform an inspection of the room where bed bugs possibly hide and as well as the adjoining rooms to identify how severe it may be. Accuracy Plus uses the safest and minimum level toxic treatment if he finds bugs. Once the inspector completes inspection the technicians will perform the initial treatment. He may suggest the
homeowner or occupant encasing the mattress or removing excessive clutter from the area. He can also suggest to get proper bedding. About two or three weeks later the exterminator from Accuracy Plus will then return to do a follow-up inspection  and if more bugs are found, he will treat the area again.