Exterminator Los Angeles- Carpenter Ants- Food Habit

Exterminator Los Angeles- Carpenter Ants- Food Habit

As a Pest control company and as an exterminator Los Angeles Accuracy Plus is trying to educate our clients on Carpenter Ants and their food sources as we all know that that our homes are main source of food for ants.

Food Habits:

Sugary liquids like honeydew from plant-sucking insects such as aphids, scales, and mealy bugs and nectar from plants are the main food on which carpenter ants rely. Their utilization of protein rises in the summer and decreases during maximum breeding. Carpenter Ants really love to search for food at night.

Acts to Stop Ants Attack:

To shield your home from future infestations its better to follow the steps below-
1. Restore destructive structural wood
2. Renovate water leaks and need to be assure by providing sufficient air to keep structural wood dry and sound in home
3. Keep your yard free of rotting wood and trim plants back no less than 1 foot far from your home.
4. Seal splits and cleft in outside dividers to keep ants from entering your home.