Exterminator Los Angeles- Fire Ants- Habitat

Exterminator Los Angeles- Fire Ants- Habitat

How to treat fire ants nests around your house

Habitat of Fire Ants:

Fire ants usually reside in sunny, open areas such as garden, fields, grassy or vegetation areas. Red imported fire ant’s homes are curved shaped hills of soil, sometimes as huge as 3 feet wide and 1 1/2 feet tall. Other fire ant species form less detectable nests that show up as disturbed soil at the top of the ground. If their nests are bothered, they become very vigorous and come out of the nest. Fire ants rarely stay inside its home.

Food Habits:
Fire ants rely on protein foods and feast upon live and dead creatures such as other bugs, plants, fruits. They are less dependent upon sweet foods as compared to most other ant species.

How to Stop Ant’s Attack:
Fire ants are very much vigorous. They gather themselves and bite human beings whenever they are bothered.  Some people are open to different kinds of allergy  from fire ants attacks. So the best way to get rid of them is to keep a regular watch and treat  their territories outside of the home on regular basis.