Exterminator Los Angeles- Pavement Ants – Habitat & Food Habit

Exterminator Los Angeles- Pavement Ants – Habitat & Food Habit

Pavement Ants in the quest of invading your house – How to protect!

Habitat of Pavement Ants:

Pavement Ants usually like to make their homes under pavement bar, such as sidewalks, driveways and foundations that is why they are called Pavement Ants. Their outdoor nests includes dirt cavity which is easily noticeable. Also walls or under floors become into the indoor homes. During winter season they move  indoors and settle themselves near warm areas such as radiators in your house.

Food Habits:

Sugary liquids like honeydew from plant-sucking insects such as aphids, scales, and mealy bugs are the main food on which Pavement Ants mostly rely. They also feast upon both sweets and protein foods as well as on live and dead insects.

How to Stop Ants Attack:

Pavement Ants can be effectively controlled by using good off the shelve baits. You can likewise shield your home from Pavement Ant infestations via fixing breaks where ants could enter, repairing water spills, not over watering plants, tidying up nourishment spills, putting away substance in firmly fixed storage place, and not forgetting pet nourishment.