Exterminator Los Angeles – Pavement Ants

Exterminator Los Angeles – Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants in the quest of invading your house – How to protect!

As an exterminator in Los Angeles and a pest control company Accuracy plus wants highlight few points on Pavement Ants and their features, location and how to treat them.

How Pavement Ants look:

Pavement Ants are medium-sized ants (1/8 inch long). Their color fluctuates from light brown to black with lighter legs and antennae. Their head and thorax have longitudinal, parallel notches and they move gradually.

Locations in the World:
Pavement Ants are located all through the United States.

How to get rid of Pavement Ants:
The way to annihilating ants is to execute the entire family. We have seen lot of people try to simply splash the ants they see and that makes more ants keep on reappearing in quest for water and sustenance that they can take back to impart to the queen and other ants in the territory. Some products in the market give the source as an ensured arrangement to kill ants. Use good Ant Baits in like manner territories where you see ants. Also putting some good Ant Killing Gel in splits and fissure or places where ants may enter the home can be very effective.