Commercial Pest Control Services in Los Angeles By Accuracy Plus

Commercial Pest Control Services in Los Angeles By Accuracy Plus

Commercial Pest Control Services in Los Angeles By Accuracy Plus

Los Angeles, CA – Accuracy Plus offers Commercial Pest Control Services In Los Angeles!

At Accuracy Plus we can help to reach the goal to get high residential retention.  Our expert technicians will ask you questions and answer your questions to know you, your staff and your residents better. At Accuracy Plus we can create a custom pest management program that will only help your property from pest infestation. We will use most advance technology of minimally invasive pest control treatments to stop pest infestation and future possible damage. We also offer programs that include crawling insect and rodent control. In addition we offer the additional pest control services like-

Exclusions from Accuracy Plus – Any small cracks or extra space underneath the doors pest will have easy access to you apartments or commercial buildings. We will seal all possible pest entry points and help keep pests away off your property.

Fly Control from Accuracy Plus – Flies can be very small creatures but can be a great risk for your tenants. They carry pathogenic bacteria including Staph., E. coli and Salmonella and spread it around. Accuracy Plus is here to develop a detail and custom plan using most scientific treatment available in the industry to control fly infestations in your property.

Odor Control from Accuracy Plus – For a good tenant, odors can be a turnoff renting your property and odors also attract unwanted pests. Accuracy Plus can offer different kinds of odor control treatments to keep away unwanted smell.

Bed Bug Services from Accuracy Plus – In Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we help property owners to detect bed bug infestations. We offer DNA testing and canine inspections to detect bed bugs infestations. Using heat control system Accuracy Plus can find a perfect solution for your property.

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