Los Angeles Pest Control – Ant Baits to Control Ants

Los Angeles Pest Control – Ant Baits to Control Ants

Ant Traps are exactly Ant Baits

“Ant trap” is a wrong terminology in ant-killing profession, although web surfing using these words gives you various alternatives. You really wish to use a thing that engages ants such as ant baits.

Ant baits can be used practically with the help of an ant’s social living network. The University of Minnesota Extension Service describes that wingless sterile female workers go outside from their den for hunting food while males and the queen wait there and increase their productivity.

According to the University of Nebraska Extension Service, grabbing a germ killer container to sprinkle on ants just kills a few ant workers. Instead of just a few workers from the ant home, whole ant territory can be diminished by using ant bait.

Ant bait consists of food attractant mixed with a small quantity of a poisonous substance. As indicated by the National Wildlife Federation, the deadly partition of ant bait must be at a low focus to trick laborer ants to convey it back to the insect home and nourish it to the entire settlement.