Los Angeles Pest Control – Common Ant Types

Los Angeles Pest Control – Common Ant Types

An Efficient Solution: Ant Recognition

Substance attractant is the main part of an ant trap.  Ants are fascinated to various type of nourishment and in this way you can successfully kill attacking ants if bait consists of correct nourishment. Correct nourishment can successfully stop ant attacking in your home.

Below are some common ant types:

Pavement Ants – Pavement ants are dark brown in color. Their size are one-eighth inch long in size. Normally they live under foundations and protein foods are their food.

  • Little Black Ants –Little Black Ants are about one-sixteenth length in size and their colors are glossy black. Their foods are on bread, grease and meats.
  • Argentine Ants –Argentina Ants are one-eighth inch long dark brown ants and they live in southern U.S. region and in West Coast. Basically Their original birth place is Brazil and migrated into U.S. in 1891 through the holds of coffee ships. Sweet food is their main nourishment.
  • Odorous House Ants –These ants are one-eighth inch long ants and brown and black in color. They look like a rotten fruits if you smash them. Sugary food are their main food and they love it.
  • Carpenter Ants –These types of ants ranges from three-eighths to a half inch in length in size. Proteins and sugars are the main food. They eat live section of the wood but don’t eat wood.
  • Imported Fire Ant – These red or black ants are basically from South America and they are in the range from one-eighth to over one-quarter of an inch long in sizes.. They are omnivores and can be very intrusive stinging. They like to eat both animal and plant substances. Fats are the strong attraction to them.