Los Angeles Pest Control – Bat Bites

Los Angeles Pest Control – Bat Bites

Bat Bites on a Human?

If you suddenly go to your loft or attic and touch  a bat you might find interesting that the bate did not bite you and after a careful observation you will not find any mark of a bat bite.  Then you can ask these questions:
1. Are bat a usual carrier of rabies?
2. Do they have rabies?
3. How to find bat rabies if there are any?

Bats and Rabies detail Information

It is obvious bat bites. You can see lot of pictures to proof it. Normally  bat bites on people’s hand when they try to catch them without wearing heavy gloves.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) bats are one of the major kinds of wild animals that transfer rabies to humans by biting.  It can also be transferred if you are attacked by a bat on your mouth, nose, eyes or a fresh injury.

In  United States (U.S.)  raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes, and coyotes are the main source of spreading rabies in humans. But remember not all bats are frantic and and not all spread rabies to people. But the confusing part is people don’t understand what type of bats they are dealing with that can give them rabies.

The central nervous system of human body can affect seriously by rabies. This is a serious viral disease. An immediate death is the end result once rabies start to appear, whether victim is a bat or yourself. So its very important to take rabies shot to protect yourself and the young children in the house and call a professional to get rid of the bat if you notice any sign of bat presence instead of doing by yourself. It’s better you hear any sound instead you go to your attic with a curious mind, you call a professional and wait for them to take a look.