Los Angeles Pest Control – Bat Biting Spot

Los Angeles Pest Control – Bat Biting Spot

Measures after not finding Bat Biting Spot

There is always a fear of get infected by rabies if you even cannot find a spot on your skin.  Rabies can’t be affirmed in the bat. The difficult task is how someone would tell if a bat has rabies? In order to affirm the rabies in bat, the bat must be caught, executed, and taken to a lab examination.

It’s not very wise in trapping a bat by yourself without proper precaution.  Bat control experts advise to wear heavy gloves. The bats should be enclosed in a container, like a coffee can, sliding cardboard under the container, and the container should be shut down.

In the older days, when rabies shots involved 21 anguishing shots in the stomach, medical professionals indicat if someone suspects a bat bite should take one rabies shot in the back  and four shots in the arm over a two-week term.

Experts suggest that if a bat flies over your head its okay not to be scared, but if there is a bat infestations in your house, even one or more you need to worry about it. Sometimes they bite when you are in deep sleep. So without doing any guess work  it is necessary to get rabies shots and call a professional to remove bat from your house.

We can draw a conclusion that as bat bite is not visible on human body if you encounter  the smallest pin prick on skin, your life might be at stake. Frantic bat can be life threatening for you.

Tips when a bat touches you:

  • You can catch the bat taking all precautions that an experts suggest and turn it over for a rabies examination;
  • Try to find  for pin pricks if you touch a bat;
  • Please go right away to emergency room to get post-exposure rabies shots;