Los Angeles Pest Control- How to Control Mice in Your Attic

Los Angeles Pest Control- How to Control Mice in Your Attic

Just Trap The Mice!

Once you hear mice singing in your loft, it’s time to plan something serious because that is a mark of invasion by rodents.

Rodents are famous to spread diseases such as the Black Plague, and the salmonella bacteria.  They eat all the stored items in your loft. Also, they destroy fiberglass insulation and strip the insulation from electrical wiring, resulting in a fire hazard.

The first action in getting rid of mice is to find your home for places of entry. A quarter-inch wide crack is enough for them to be flattened. Find and block any holes or cracks of this size in your home by covering holes with metal which rodents can’t chew. Look for rodent droppings to help in deciding what is attacking your loft. Mice droppings are small and pointed, whereas rat droppings are larger and have blunt ends.

Old-fashioned trap such as wooden trap, or a more advanced model, such as the brass-coated steel trap is a significant way to finish them. Both mice and rats can be killed efficiently. At rodent dropping places bait your traps with peanut butter and set over there. Check the traps daily and remove dead mice while wearing gloves. Apply bait if the peanut butter dries out. If you don’t see rodents in traps, close trapping attempts.


Mice make noise through singing. If you find or hear mice in house, kill them to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Ways to eradicate rodents in your home:

  • A quarter-inch or larger size cracks or holes should be eliminated by blocking and covering with metal;
  • Mice or rats investigation should be done by looking for droppings;
  • At the dropping places set mouse or rat traps containing bait with peanut butter;
  • check your traps daily, removing dead rodents while wearing gloves.

Mice can be tough to get rid of: Different states have different laws in killing rodents. There are  different natural ways of trapping rats, so please do a research online before you take any step killing rats. Call Accuracy Plus to remove rodents in your house.