Los Angeles Pest Control – Do Mice Squeak

Los Angeles Pest Control – Do Mice Squeak

Not Only Do Mice Squeak, But They Also Sing

The person having pet mouse realizes its screech with time. If you go to a pet store that sells mice and roam around their cages for some time, you hear an occasional screech.

Scientists at Duke University who research mice nature, seeking an idea to change human nature, notice mice sing to one another. Some YouTube video shows that a male mouse sings louder while attracting a female, compared to when a female is present.

According to the research of the Duke University by reviewing the vocal measurements shown in the video, male mice sing louder when the smell female urine when no female was present in the cage.

If female and male mice both are together in the cage, the song contains fewer complexities and is softer. This establishes a fact that mice sing as well as add varying complexities to their singing voice.

Seemingly, it’s all about interest for the male mouse. A lot of energy goes into a song to attract a female house. But if female mouse is getting attracted then this energy isn’t wasted.