Los Angeles Termite- Using Protein Gel

Los Angeles Termite- Using Protein Gel

Protein Gel Ant Bait:

Ant killing gel utilizes protein as the nourishment source. Proteins make it the best for pavement ants and little black ants. These ants are attracted to proteins.
Protein gel products can be used to remove ants because ants like sweet food same as odorous house ants, or Argentine ant. Traps using sugar can draw the ants.
Ant baits that are loaded with greasy protein is a good source for trapping Fire ants.  There are two stage processes to fill Ant baits. After the entire process is done, this will kill the entire Fire ant colony.

Some researchers depict, a half to one percent poison can be used at the main point of  the ant traps mixing with the nourishment. It is not possible for the worker ant to find the poison due to the low level presence of the poison.

You can control the amount of nourishment when you use lower level of pesticide according to the size of ant territory. It will allow each and every ant nest to consume the poisonous food. In this way you can kill worker ants as well as the queen ant as they are the main factor to increase ant colonies.

Traps take time to kill ants. Worker ant takes time to supply food for others in the colony from the traps. It takes two to three weeks to kill ants using protein baits. It takes a couple of months to kill an entire ant territory completely using sugar baits. Sometimes its necessary to repeat this process few times in a organized way.