Rat Control Service in Los Angeles- Rats, disastrous for your house!

Rat Control Service in Los Angeles- Rats, disastrous for your house!

Rat problem in Los Angeles- It’s a very common problem in Los Angles and surrounding areas especially wild rates which may bring harmful diseases for human and animals. These rats try to escape than bite. Accuracy Plus has the solutions for these wild rats as well. Need to see the doctor immediately if someone is bitten by wild rats as these rats have the powerful jaws and spiky teeth which can lead effective damage to your body.

Structural damage is another noticeable issue cause by the rats due to their gnawing and burrowing actions.

Quick Tips to Control Rats?

Necessary measures should be taken by the property owners prior to damage by the rats. Please read the followings to stay RAT FREE:

  • Garbage should be closed strongly
  • Need to clean yard and alley at regular interval and dispose all garbage properly
  • Need to care of the pet food because if your pet don’t eat, then, rats do
  • Keep plant and trees minimum 3 feet overhead from your home or building
  • Rats need only small hole or place to enter into a building, so, cover them all carefully
  • Cut the branches of the tree which are lying on your building roofs because rats can come into your homes using those as well
  • Cover all the cracks and holes if needed. Survey your house exterior time to time to notice any rat activities

How to make your house and business rat FREE ?

To get rid of rats off your home or business completely, you need to see a professional. Because poisons are involved in this process which should not be accessible by children, pets or other animals.

Please call Accuracy Plus of Los Angeles immediately if you notice any rat activity in your home.