Termite Treatment Cost in Los Angeles- Western Pest Control

Termite Treatment Cost in Los Angeles- Western Pest Control

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To create a strategic plan to control termite, it’s important to know the behavior of Termites.
Termites attack and eat the wood of the infrastructures of approximate 11 new homes in Los Angeles according to the official report. A study in 1988 had been completed by the pest-control trade group which says in 1986, $309 mil dollars was spent on the treatment and structural repair of termites. It is not economical, it’s quite expensive.

Termites love water, warmth and wood to satisfy their appetite that is easily available in the homes. Actually, anything which contains cellulose they love to eat and these are available in homes too such as newspapers, books and cardboards.

As human population is increasing, termites are also increasing in Southern California. Counties like Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego represented $129.4 million as these new subdivisions are becoming hybrid zones for the insects.

According to the trade group, the average cost that was spent for the treatment of termites in Los Angeles in 1986 was $640. The state says, in California only 1,510 pest control companies are there.

Execution of the termites depend on the types of termite. Drywood and subterranean are the two main types which are used in Southern California. According to the situations, you can opt any method, also you can go for both at the same time. Even for the experts it is quite difficult to locate the termites without close inspection because they become the part of the house view.

Termites travel from ground up to the wood which can be stopped by the Subterranean that build mud tubes. With drywood termite treatment, waste pellets can be pushed out from damaged area. Termites swarm commence new colonies and leave discarded wings near new home.
Hidden termites in damaged wood can be located by probing tools such as listening devices to locate termite sounds or fiber optics to see inside walls.